System Deposition for Hollow Membrane Full Model
June 13, 2016
Experimental Setup for Ultra-Filtration, Nano-Filtration, Micro-Filtration and Reverse Osmosis
June 13, 2016
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System Deposition for Hollow Membrane Full Model (100 liters)

System production for hollow membrane. The Full Model includes the polymeric solution delivery system electrically heated up to 300°C and a rotating coagulation bath for Hollow Fiber.

The following product could be designed according to the client requirements


Storage Tank for Polymeric Solution:
Stainless Steel AISI 304 storage tank: double chamber with load capacity around 1 liter, two GAS coupling of ¼” for inlet and output of cooling and heating liquid (from ‐20°C to 150°C) with a maximum pressure of 10bar, GAS coupling of ¼” for exhaust product. Flange for steel AISI 316 storage tank with a 3/8” GAS inlet in the middle including tap, two holes of ¼” GAS for lodging
manometers, seal lodging, O‐ring made f FETFE and/or Silicon/Viton;

Polymeric delivery System:

  • Analog Pressure Gauge: AISI 316 steel made for tank
  • Analog Pressure Gauge: AISI 316 steel made for branch output of the gear pump
  • AISI 304/316 steel holder for storage tank
  • AISI 304/316 steel holder for tank/engine/pump
  • All‐steel AISI 316 pipe line with diameter of ø 6mm
  • Ball valves made of AISI 316 steel
  • Reducer and Speed Regulator for reducer, power supply 220Vac
  • Gear Pump up 0,2 cc/rev ‐ Tmax 300°C

Heater System:

  • Electric Heater for all Delivery Parts (Storage Tank, Pump, Pipelines and Spinneret), up to 300°C
  • PID Temperature Regulation System with dedicated regulation for each system parts

Coagulation Bath for Hollow Fiber:

  • Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • 100 Liters capacity with empting system
  • Rotation system with Reduced and Speed Controller

Catalog Info: SYS‐DEP‐HM‐FM‐100L

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