Tubolar Nylon Cell for Hollow Fiber Test
Tubolar Nylon Cell for Hollow Fiber Test
March 17, 2016
Bubblers for taking samples
Sampling Bubblers
May 18, 2016
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Dewar Flasks Cylindrical

The following product could be designed according to the client requirements




  • flexible applications in laboratory
  • cooling of small samples
  •  storage: liquid nitrogen (LN2); dry ice ( CO2); other coolants as insulating flask


  • high insulating ability
  • easy handling
  • made of Borosilicatglass 3.3
  • deliverable: fully silvered (standard); not silvered; silvered with viewing stripes; shortened


  • C : blue coated metal cover
  • G‐C : blue coated metal cover incl. side grip

Catalog Info: DFC‐1