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July 13, 2015
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October 28, 2015
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Climatic Chamber

Climatic glass chamber BT120

Humidification system with cold vapor and ultrasonic emission
Electronic humidity control from room% up to 95%, accuracy ± 3.0% RH
Predisposition for the introduction of inert gas type N inside the Box
Predisposition for external low vaccum pump

The following product could be designed according to the client requirements


Glass/Alluminium Box:
Glass thickness: 0.8 cm
Dimension: 35x40x35cm
Access: One front and two lateral doors
Other: Four inlet/outlet Gas/Liquid

Heater forced air and/or static air from about 400W
Capacity of air circulation equal to 35m3/hour maximum temperature on the surface of 60° C;
Temperature Control: PID-type 3-digit display, precision 0.25% ± 1 digit
Temperature Sensor: Resistive temperature sensor on the ceramic carrier with platinum thin film PT100 Class A

Power Type: 50W Peltier System

Steam Generation: Ultrasonic Type
Water reservoir
Humidity Control: from Ambient to 100% with PID system with 3-digit display, precision 0.25% ± 1 digit
Humidity Sensor: Capacitive type

Power Supply: 220Vac 10A


Catalog Info: BT-120-1