DeltaE srl, founded in 2000 by a group of experimental physicists, is a Spin-Off of the CNR (National Research Council) working in the field of production of advanced instrumentation for research laboratory. DeltaE also provides consulting services in order to improve experimental equipment and to design, develop and produce prototypes.
Our customers and partners in the last 10 years have been universities, research centers in addition to research and industrial development laboratories for which we have developed customized solutions: "as long as there are different customers, we will have different products". Our product catalog consists of a list of innovative solutions.


How carbon affects hydrogen desorption
Preparation and characterisation of novel PEEKWC capsules by phase inversion technique
PEEKWC capsules prepared by phase inversion technique: A morphological and dimensional study
Bio-inspired membranes with well-defined channels
Polymeric capsule preparation tailored for food packaging application